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[2009-11-30] Creating A Local Business Listing For Bing In The UK
When I first posted how to setup a Bing local listing, we had a ton of feedback from our UK readers who pointed out that the Bing local listing center was only accepting US based businesses.

[2009-11-20] How Social Media Engagement Can Effect Your Organization
This is another in a series of notes from the 2009 KM World. These notes are done real time so please excuse typos. It is titled: The Role of Social Techniques in Search & How It Impacts Your Organizationby Charlene Li,Partner, Altimeter Group. Here is the session description.

[2009-11-10] Why Do PR Mailings Often Get Misused?
A timely story about that distribution channel so often misused by the PR industry - email. In an article published in (and elsewhere), Iain Fleming, who works for Newslink, a news aggregation and delivery service in the UK, writes about the results of a survey he carried a few months ago on people's attitudes to the email that PR agencies and others send them.

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